50 Projects in 50 Days

50 unique mini-projects to sharpen your HTML, CSS & JavaScript skills

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About The Course

This is a pure, practical and fun project based course. Every project is different and while we use do use some repeated practices, they are each meant to teach you something new. It is recommended that you do one project per day, however you can do them as you please. By the end, you will have a stronger foundation in JS as well as HTML/CSS and should be able to move on and build your own projects..

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What You Should Know

A very basic understanding of HTML, CSS & JavaScript is all that you need to know before taking this course. Things like common HTML5 tags, basic styling, JS variables, conditionals, etc

Brad Traversy

Co-author, Brad Traversy

Brad Traversy has been a freelancer, worked for a company and has run his own business, but he discovered that his real passion is teaching web development & programming in a simple and understandable way. He now runs the Traversy Media YouTube channel and produces online courses.

Co-author, Florin Pop

Florin Pop is a web developer specialized in Frontend Development (CSS, JavaScript) and friend of mine that has helped me create this course. He also has a YouTube Channel and often streams his coding sessions on Twitch.

Florin Pop